Spruce Table

Spruce Table

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The spruce series draws inspiration from conifer cones of the alpine forest. The forms are assembled from imbricate plates, with scales arranged in over- lapping layers. We offer three designs in a variety of heights for versatile room placement. The final pieces are assembled in wood, then sculpted and finished by hand.

These beautiful tables are available in three different sizes and three finishes - White Wash, Grey Sienna and Espresso.


Height 16"|40cm or 19"|48cm or 22"|56cm Diameter 17.5"|45cm


This piece is handmade by artisan designers Sean and Cynthia in the O’Hara Studio, located among the spectacular mountains of Java, Indonesia.

Each beautiful, striking object is masterfully created to appeal to the sense of touch while drawing inspiration from the shapes, patterns, currents and rock formations found in nature. This collection was specially chosen to bring a touch of contemporary flair to our existing furniture collection.

The O’Hara Studio represents the finest in contemporary art and design, imagined by a pair of makers wholly dedicated to the elegance of aesthetics and form.

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Spruce Table

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