Golden Opportunities

Spending more time at home has given me some inspiration. It’s important to make it feel comfortable and reassuring. I am happy with my old Cotswold house but there is always room for improvement. I have been exploring different ideas for the entrance hall. At present it’s just a very plain room with a stone fireplace, dark wooden floors and family portraits.
I would like to introduce a little brightness by using a lovely wallcovering with patinated gold accents. It will be very different from the traditional English interior that I love but I think it will bring some energy to the house. Any of these original designs will give a subtle opulence to the room. I might apply it on every wall or just on panels. I am still to decide. We are happy to wear gold jewellery but not so confident to use it at home. Gold is a timeless classic which adds depth and warmth to any interior. Be brave and go for it!

Cotswold house
grenn-palm-leaf on gilded paper

           Green Palm leaf on gilded paper


           Aura Sierra


                     Helix Bermuda

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