Carel Chandelier

Carel Chandelier

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The Carel Chandelier is a classic heirloom piece from revered studio Michael Taylor Designs. Crafted to meticulous detail, the Carel Chandelier is composed from a suspended iron ring holding aloft a plume of glistening crystals.

Pictured with a plated pewter finish, this chandelier channels the timeless beauty of a bygone era.

Created by the world famous Michael Taylor Designs – a world leading studio based in California.


Height 19.5 inches Diameter 42 inches

Additional information

This chandelier is available with glass or crystal beads, there is also a 30″ diameter version.

Michael Taylor Designs

Famed for creating the elegant ‘California Look’, renowned designer Michael Taylor was once called “the James Dean of interior design” – by no less than Diana Vreeland.

He founded Michael Taylor Designs in sun-kissed California back in 1985. Every piece from this unique studio is made to order with precision and care, using time tested, traditional techniques.

Michael Taylor Designs specialise in sumptuous outdoor furniture, primarily constructed from cast aluminium and fine teak. The aluminium used is treated with a powder finish – so it remains a comfortable temperature even in tropical climates.

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Carel Chandelier

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