Bas Relief

Bas Relief

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Bas Relief is a stunning surface created using traditional techniques by the artisans at Gorman Studios.

A form of sculpture in which the forms project slightly from the background without detaching completely from it.

Originally created as a panel for a luxury hotel in the Middle East, Bas relief panels can be made to order to any design and size imaginable.




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This material is flame resistant and self-extinguishing.

Tatiana Tafur

Tatiana Tafur collects and creates the finest in furniture and beautiful surfaces. We work with teams of artisans from studios spanning the globe to bring our unique designs to life. We champion the rare and unusual, such as shagreen – an exotic material crafted using the skin of rays from the South China Sea. We also specialise in parchment – a stylish finish achieved using hand treated goatskin. Throughout our history we’ve created an unrivalled collection of surfaces and furniture, sourcing the most skilled craftspeople in the world to create our unique range.

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Bas Relief

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