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Taking inspiration from ancient Rome, the Curule embossed leather features an elegant interwoven pattern in fine metallic shades. Embossed, gilded and meticulously painted by hand, Curule is part of our Lutson Goudleer collection, a studio specialising in classic leather working techniques and historical designs.


H72 x W66cm


Leather, metal leaf, paint

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Lutson Goudleer

Based in France, Lutson Goudleer is a refined leatherworking studio specialising in resplendent gilded, embossed and hand painted leathers. Founded in the early 1980s, this unique studio takes influence from the majesty and prestige of 16th and 17th century design from Flanders, Holland and Spain. Lutson Goudleer set the standard for contemporary gilt leather, crafting highly intricate, visually stunning surfaces that have graced the walls, upholstery and interiors of palaces, stately homes and prestigious locations around the world.

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