The Avenue Collection

THE AVENUE COLLECTION, made of Abaca, a sustainable and renewable material, these sunshade combinations have two different colour threads to complement the most beautiful of fabrics and colour schemes.


Hunting, inspired by the countryside is the perfect mix of pale green and deep brown to add weight to this natural combination.

Uniform, a very smart duo; Navy and Camel are two classics which will sit well with a large range of materials and interiors.

City, I find the use of grey most elegant and feel that will add sophistication to any room.

Iris, although these hues of pink are not the most typical of the flower, the freshness of this combination reminds me of the beauty of this plant.

Folklore, a daring combination but it works, Salmon and Smoky green will add a splash of colour and serenity to your windows.

Cerulean, blues are the most popular colour to be used in interiors, this combination of dark and light blue evokes the beautiful sky.




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